About Me

Hi There,

I’m Atique Qureshi, an SEO geek by strength and extremely passionate about online marketing.

During my engineering days, I came across a gadget review website and got introduced to SEO. I was curious to know what SEO is all about, only to finally lay my hands on SEO after I completed my engineering. Interestingly, I’m into core SEO practices since 2015.

Being an SEO evangelist got exposed to multiple clients, companies, regions & websites in different languages. I can tackle the most critical SEO challenge that you may face.

Considering SEO as mainstream in Digital Marketing, the learning is enormous and never-ending. The quench & quest for new information eventually leads me to connect with experts like you, and I believe the website is the best platform to get going and exchange thoughts.

I’m sharing best practices from what I’ve learned during my SEO days, and if you guys find any glitch or mismatch, don’t hesitate to comment or shoot an email. You can also let me know about the different topics that you want me to cover.

I feel elated when I connect with like-minded people like you because I know there is so much to learn and share.

Tons of thanks for visiting my website.
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