Top SEO Trending Techniques for 2020

What is SEO?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization it is usually done to get free yet organic traffic from search engines. The search engines are valued for fetching relevant queries asked by the users where search engines rank different web pages and other content based on different SEO factors. For more information about the SEO in-depth read the periodic table of SEO which unveils major SEO key concepts.

Focus on User Experience

The end of 2019 marked a lot of improvements in the new Google algorithm pattern that kickstarted a new trend aloof this year. It is therefore essential for website owners to make a note of new trends that help them rank their website and stay ahead in the competition. Last year quite a number of trends paved the way for mobile-first optimization methods as most users are seen accessing information using mobile devices.

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets remain a highly anticipated place where everyone trying to get hold of. It is quite evident that in 2019 the position 0 (featured snippets) considered the best instead of position 1. Yet SEO experts are learning the best ways to use this new feature from google. It is possible to add quality answers to FAQs in content to drive more traffic on your website. For content creators, search snippets are the place they want their website to a position where they can rank higher than rank 1.

Voice Optimization

Voice assistant is rapidly surrounding the market voice searches takes less time and effort it is, therefore, the most cognizant practice to target long-tail keywords so as the content will need to be to cater to voice searches. Optimizing websites for voice searches requires replacing keywords with entire phrases of google to help users find what they want.

Local Search

In the 2019 Google search engine emphasize more in local searches as a result business related to products nearby are taking the internet by storm and it more likely becomes popular in the year 2020. An increase in the number of mobile devices makes it easy to search for nearby local products and services. Also, local searches offer reviews about the places and products hence you find better reviewers, star ratings too.
More than, 80% of users trust reviews posted by others. This means websites optimizing for local searches with ample full of reviews, location & maps are more likely to get the opportunity of local listings.

Brand Reputation Building

Building brand reputation is an integral part of any brand strategy also there are plenty of advantages of building your brand because nowadays brands seeking out to consumers for ensuring people happy with their brand. Through brand reputation building your consumers will perceive the brand promise. It is, therefore, a proof that your company is living and delivering what the brand has promised. Once you’ve defined the brand reputation correctly you want consumers to believe and you can start enlarging that brand reputation exponentially. Hence the necessity that the company’s responsibility is to accomplish through brand promise in order to build a better brand reputation. This takes us to follow the new BERT algorithm that search engines use to understand the natural human’s speech. It means more it has long user search queries the more accurate the results. Search engines now adore value based on user experience but prior to 2019, the SEO trend looked more about pleasing the search engine. And then the content which serves the best value to the user is regarded to get the maximum number of clicks.


There is certainly the need for backlinks in the year 2020 as an off-page strategy. Indeed, this helps to add credibility to the website when you’re trying to build your brand. Search engines still embrace the backlinking process for ranking a website. There is an absolute value to adding credible backlinks in the year 2020. Likewise, search engines prefer quality over quantity which is why more websites are looking for quality links.

2020 On-Page SEO Trending Techniques

As you know the concept of SEO involves different methods but one that matters most is targeted keywords. This involves optimizing a website or content using searched keywords. In 2020 on-page SEO factors consist of few things that a website owner or a blogger has complete control over to rank the webpage higher. There is a checklist available for 2020 On-Page SEO Trending techniques such as specifying focused keyword in Meta title, page URL, maintaining keyword density, using heading tags, alt text for images, availability of sitemap and the last but not least a proper internal linking.

  • Metadata for All Time Trending
    Metadata usually provides information about the webpage which is not shown on the page itself but can only be read by the search engines and google bot. The metadata from meta tags used by google to comprehend the information about the webpage to rank a specific post, to show snippets in Google SERPs, etc.
  • Content is King
    Content remains the king of the market. These three phrases are considered the “new black” of marketing since it is mainly concentrated over customers rather than itself. Content attracts people but most importantly content has become democratized and that’s when everyone started writing a blog or recording podcasts.
    Content is King – not just because of the philosophy but it’s great for SEO too. A high quality, unique content used for marketing or else would turn out to be great for SEO and search engine ranking. Content brings engagements in the form of blog posts, media updates where brands up veils the content genuinely good.
    Let’s not forget content add value to brands offering (products & services) as because a well-crafted content is greatly perceived by the audience, it also teaches them something news and creates an indirect monetary value for most business houses as a results relationship between the brand and consumers tends to grow over the time.
  • Multimedia Content
    Content doesn’t always need to be in writing always but as seen websites and brands considerably provide different types of media – “Multimedia content” resembles can be anything from text, image, audio, video, animation or so. Nowadays blogs, websites have started serving with images and videos which is considered to have several advantages. The use of multimedia content usually requires hard work and access to high-quality cameras, lighting, sound recording and lastly editing which adds more genuineness, trust, and professionalism to end-user.
  • Case studies
    Case studies usually portray the success and effectiveness of dealing with the client. It is generally used to look like marketing content that would help to define the clients how the company, agency has marked its success in the past. Case studies remain an inevitable self-congratulating marketing pitch that showcases the clients of the company’s innermost desire and how the company can assist them. Case studies are always felt lucrative in nature. The storytelling can give their products a life.
  • Portfolio
    A portfolio is used as the marketing tool to plan, organize and showcase the abilities for shaping the potential future. Unless electronic portfolios are demonstrated that allowed businesses to meet future sales expectations. Companies and brands extend to building a product portfolio that has major steps included such as establishing the level of the unit of analysis. Also, the product portfolio has several benefits such as locating the products and business on the specific portfolio dimensions.
  • Blogs on Website
    Lets first understand the use of blogs for websites. Blogging for business typically used for ranking your websites higher on Google SERPs. Blogging on the website attracts consumers’ attention. Without the blog, your website remains unreachable whereas putting a blog section would give you better visibility and competitiveness. So, the primary focus of a blog means to connect with your targeted audience also it boosts traffic and brings quality leads to your website.
  • Optimize for Mobile
    People nowadays have started spending more time on mobile devices, as a result, many websites are still not acquainted with the responsive design of the mobile devices screen sizes and load times. Now it has become mandatory for websites & blogs to take the site design, structure along page speed into consideration to attract more mobile visitors due to which search engines now have seen giving preference to mobile responsive websites.
  • Website loading speed
    Website loading speed remains the center of all technological advancements in website designing. The website loading speed we mean the speed of the page essentially the length of the time along with the content to download from the hosting servers and turned out on the requesting web server. The better the website loading speed the better impacts in search engine rankings.

2020 Off-Page SEO Trending Techniques

  • Content Marketing:
    Content marketing remains an invaluable asset to the businesses that enable convert prospects into customers also help them to retain for a longer duration. Content marketing is as effective as blogging but what does it actually mean for your business? Content marketing leverage the need for a smart online marketing strategy through which lucrative landing pages and emails can be sent to drive sales. Reports suggest that over 85% of businesses use content marketing as an effective tool to target a bigger audience and help the audience know the right objective of the business.
  • Influencers Marketing
    Have you ever thought of buying something seeing a person you admire or have used the products or services? Prior to five or ten years when influencer marketing was limited to only celebrities and few renowned bloggers, nowadays the micro-influencers are on the rise. In simple terms, influencer marketing refers to a type of social media marketing carried with the help of endorsements and products unveil from influencers. Persons who have dedicated social following are called for brand promotions. Because they are regarded as the most viewed as experts within their niches with a high amount of trust that others have on them. Other brands and companies take these opportunities to show social proof to allure potential customers.
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
    ORM refers to Online Reputation Management which plays a pivotal role in digital marketing to get rid of the negative reviews about the product or company and brand from search engines. ORM usually means updating content spontaneously to push previous or unwanted content lower in search results. However, the ORM is not a part of the Search Engine Optimization and in no way, it helps search engine in the ranking. On the contrary, ORM lowers the bad reviews in search results so that people can see reviews that are good for business.
  • Press Release
    Press releases are good strategies for the development of your business. Consider press releases to be written communication that specifically gives brief information about your business’s offerings. People nowadays have more control over how and where they can consume information. And this is one of the most crucial updates of Google since making out a PR strategy for press releases for your business website meant offering relevant content information when, where and how others can get benefitted from it.

Wrap Up

SEO is a crucial part of today’s business regardless of the industry type. However, this doesn’t mean the use of keywords but entails optimizing content for users.
Anyway, Google is a search engine that processes search results in accordance with the user asked queries. Search engines getting more accurate day by day which means each year new trends appear to curate content which benefits users published on the internet. This indicates that users now will obtain relevant results or get their questions answered in a precise manner.

In this post, we’ve tried to put an attempt to investigate these SEO trending techniques for 2020 that will help you generate more traffic from google and flourish your business over time.

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